IBVA Brainwave Interface

IBVA Brainwave Interface


Using the Original IBVA (Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer) and applications in Apple Inc.’s OS X operating system, three-dimensional VR gaming environments can be developed to facilitate neurological learning and healing. Neurological game design combines multimedia with brainwave data to accelerate learning by training the brain to function with coherent, low frequency neural activity, thus expanding perception and activating capabilities, such as nonverbal communication and self-healing.

In 2006, IBVA was advanced to utilize Bluetooth capability, and packaging was developed for the product.  Cost for the product is $1695.00 due to the transmitter/receiver produced in Japan. IBVA runs on all Apple computers with past and current versions of Apple operating systems. Only one transmitter/receiver peripheral box is needed for brainwave-to-computer input using Bluetooth.  2 and 4-channel systems are available;. Using IBVA, brainwaves animate digital media in many formats MOV, JPG, PNG, and interface windows within the IBVA software are programmable for audio interaction with Apple software instruments or MIDI devices (hardware and software)—providing the capability to produce compositions with orchestral sounding music.

Brainwaves  upload and download to and from the Internet for brainwave interaction between remote locations. Using EEG, brainwaves input to the system where they are converted to amplitude values between 1 and 20 microvolts, and frequencies of Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta—monitored and measured for output from 1 to 40 Hz (similar to the original IBVA, but faster). Values within each frequency domain can be assigned to animate new media objects, such as images, videos, and sounds.

2015 introduces a new product—brain-duino—with all the features of IBVA and more! Brain-duino utilizes Arduino technology with processor boards similar to boards used with Raspberry Pi. This product is not yet available to the public.

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