Paras Kaul

Paras Kaul is a brainwave artist who composes brainwave music and animation. She received an MFA degree in digital animation and video from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with undergraduate studies in English, art, and photography at California State University, Sacramento and James Madison University.

After completing her education, Paras held computer animation internships at Omnibus located at Paramount Studios in Hollywood and at Real Time Design in Chicago. As a production assistant at Digital Effects, Inc. in NY, she handled post production operations for digital animation.

Websites: brainwavewellness   neurofeedback  integrated trauma care

Address: Healing Crystals Showroom & Wellness Center
44330 Mercure Circle, Sterling, VA 20166

WujiTech, Inc.

WujiTech, Inc. offers a WujiBrainwave application that uses brainwaves to interact with a patented video format called MindMedia. They also offer a mobile brainwave feedback system solution that combines realtime brainwave technology combined with breakthrough 3D animated software to  gain  insights into how the brain works to reduce stress and improve peak performance.

Brainwaves & Qigong

Among meditation practices, Qigong is perhaps the least familiar to our Western culture. This practice is meditation in motion. The movements that comprise a Qigong practice are choreographed into a variety of sequences, which are intended to stimulate and circulate Qi through quantum particles in the cells and meridians of the body. Meridians are thread like structures in the body that act as channels for energy to flow through.

Qi refers to the energetic life force that drives the physical body and connects us to universal energy. Monitoring brain waves before and after Qigong practice indicates that there is more coherence in neural activity between the brain’s right and left hemispheres after completing a Qigong practice, and brain waves lower to predominantly alpha and theta frequencies.

Optimal physical condition requires the coherent energy exchange between the body and the environment: the right hemisphere of the brain and the left brain hemisphere. The energy referred to as Qi (Chi) carries quantum bits of data, which are distributed throughout the cells.

Training the brain to access and transmit coherent data for cellular distribution facilitates effective physical and mental performance. As indicated via EEG, the predominant frequencies and degree of coherence between the brain’s right and left hemispheres provide a representation of an individual’s energetic condition.

A serious practice of Qigong connects us cosmically to the energy of the universe and beyond, extending infinitely as an energy field that holds us all together. Connecting to this field transmits vital life energy, through a conceptual cable-like string.

Qigong strengthens the brain wave morphing process and has the potential to transform Western health care practices by demonstrating the power the brain has to regulate the physical body. It is necessary to further expand brain wave capacity to develop innate human capabilities in order to prepare for the future, as once again the times need to be changing. Capabilities enlivened via brain wave morphing are powerful manifestations of human brainpower, which need to be used to self-regulate personal health and wellness.

Paras Kaul

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