Paras Kaul

Paras Kaul is a brainwave artist who composes brainwave music and animation. She received an MFA degree in digital animation and video from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with undergraduate studies in English, art, and photography at California State University, Sacramento and James Madison University.

After completing her education, Paras held computer animation internships at Omnibus located at Paramount Studios in Hollywood and at Real Time Design in Chicago. As a production assistant at Digital Effects, Inc. in NY, she handled post production operations for digital animation.

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44330 Mercure Circle, Sterling, VA 20166

EEG Systems

Prototypes for brain wave games developed by Paras Kaul utilize the Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer (IBVA), an interactive neurofeedback interface system to the computer. Using IBVA and applications in Apple Inc.’s OS X operating system, three-dimensional gaming environments can be developed that facilitate neurological learning and healing.

WujiBrainwave App

WujiBrainwave App

WujiTech’s Brainwave application makes it possible for brainwaves to interact with a video format referred to as MindMedia. Monitoring the neural activity potentially assists in learning, personal development, and mindfulness training. See the WujiBrainwave Demo

Multimedia and Brainwave Gaming

Neurological game design utilizes brain wave data, measured with EEG to control digital objects in 3D environments.  The mind influences the brain’s function and can be trained to emit low frequency neural signals with significant coherence between the brain’s right and left hemispheres. The brain functions with no conscious effort, but with training, the brain will respond to perform in an optimal state for the task at hand. Continuous brain training may actualize latent capabilities, such as nonverbal communication and self-healing.

Brainwave Morphing and Qigong for Rehabilitation

Summary of a National Qigong Workshop, July 2014

Brainwave morphing is a process that combines multimedia, gaming, and interactive brainwave technology for biofeedback analysis. Similar to a conductor leading an orchestra, morphing trains the mind to direct the brain’s performance to respond to positive thought. Qigong enhances the mind’s direction for the brain to emit low frequency alpha and theta brainwaves with increased coherence between left and right hemispheres of the brain.


Brainwave morphing entrains the brain for low frequency coherence, which accelerates learning and self-healing—thus valuable for rehabilitation, such as trauma recovery. Capabilities enlivened by brainwave morphing and Qigong are manifestations of higher brainpower with powerful rehabilitative potentials.

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