WujiTech, Inc.

WujiTech, Inc. has a WujiBrainwave application that uses brainwaves to interact with a patented video format called MindMedia.

IBVA Brainwave Interface

Using the Original IBVA (Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyzer) and applications in Apple Inc.’s OS X operating system, three-dimensional VR gaming environments can be developed to facilitate neurological learning and healing. 2015 introduces a new IBVA product, brain-duino—with all the features of IBVA and more! Brain-duino utilizes Arduino technology with processor boards similar to boards used with Raspberry Pi. Brain-duino costs $700.00—which is less than half the price of Original IBVA with the added capability of measuring hyper Gamma and Lambda frequencies.

DIY kits are available for $150. The significant new feature is that brainwave frequencies are measured from 1 to 200 Hz with the added ability of monitoring hyper Gamma and Lambda frequencies from 40 Hz to 200 Hz.

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